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IVC Film & Media Scholarship programme

(One year programme)


Starting from September 2021, Impington Village College will launch a new Film and Media Scholarship in partnership with Cambridge TV. The Scholarship is designed to complement the IB and BTEC Programmes already offered at IVC. It’s a pathway to either Higher Education or work in the sector.

In our one year programme, students will gain practical skill and experience in all varieties of video production. Taught by current industry professionals in small groups, everyone gets hands on practical skills. We aim to work on a different video project each week to create a substantial portfolio of output to make impressive CVs or convince potential employers. Over the three term period, students can make 10-20 videos that we aim to publish. This means all of our work will have to comply to broadcast standards at a professional level.

Students will learn each discipline of video production in a series of workshops throughout the year. Having practiced, these will be applied in real situations in making news, documentary and profile pieces.

You can book a 1:1 meeting with a senior member of staff to ask any questions. Please get in touch via: international@ivc.tmet.org.uk

Course outline

The programme consists of three two-hour sessions every week with a current industry professional. These sessions will either be practical learning workshops, used as time to film on-location or used for editing. There will also be an extra one-hour session online each week for students to communicate the issues they are having with an instructor.

Over the year, students will learn a range of skills such as:

  • Camera operating – Learning cameras from first principles
  • Lighting – Variety of lighting techniques for different situation
  • Audio – How to capturing clean audio
  • Video editing – Using Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, we can also consult on vfx and animation software
  • Producing – Arranging with contributors, making sure everything is OffCom compliant and how to lead a shoot
  • Pre-production – Storytelling techniques, scripting and planning crew positioning for shoots
  • Visual storytelling – How to capture a story through a series of shots effectively
  • Presenting – A mix of autocue presenting, scripting, on camera interviews and how to engage with an audience
  • Interview techniques – How to ask good questions and elicit a story
  • Multicam shoots – Working together to cover roles for an editor

Contact us

If you’re interested in finding out more about this scholarship, you can book a meeting with a senior member of staff by contacting international@ivc.tmet.org.uk

Alternatively you can get in touch with the college directly here: https://www.impingtoninternational.org.uk/contact-us/ or contact us at Cambridge TV

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