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Impington Village College student technical certification

(Five practical training sessions, two hours each)


This course is specially for IVC students to learn and be accredited in how to use Cambridge TV’s video production equipment.

Cambridge TV will host this course after 5th period on Tuesdays starting from 24th November on the Impington Village College campus. The areas that we cover are: setting up equipment, capturing clear audio, how cameras work, how to use cameras and framing skills. There will be a proficiency test to acquire your certification assessing competence with the equipment.

The video production industry has changed massively in 2020 as we all follow strict COVID-19 safety measures for filming. These protocols will also be included in the course in our teaching practices and introduced to the curriculum.

Once students have attained their certification, they will be allowed to use Cambridge TV Training’s video equipment at Impington Village College for school projects. Students will also be able to request to use the equipment for a period of time to work on their personal projects. Those how have cameras and equipment at home will be able to operator them at a high standard and learn how to look after their kit by the end of the course.

Course outline

Session #1 – Setting up and breaking down

  • How to carry kit and where it’s stored
  • Setting up a tripod – height, levelling and attaching camera
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Standard kit regulations all production companies follow
  • COVID-19 cleaning protocols
  • Logging and reporting issues

Session #2 – How cameras work

  • An indepth look at manual camera controls – Aperture, Gain, Shutterspeed, etc
  • How to operate a camera
  • Tripod rules
  • Standardised menu settings – framerate, resolution, bitrate

Session #3 – Using cameras

  • Rules of movement
  • Framing and blocking
  • Camera practice

Session #4 – Sound

  • Looking at different types of microphones
  • How to use boom poles
  • Connecting cables and cable management
  • Using radio transmitted lapel microphones – what to do and how to attach them
  • In-camera settings for audio
  • Cleaning and setting up the equipment

Session #5 – Proficiency assessment

  • This will be a two hour practical test with two assessors
  • We assess competency using the technical skills you’ve learnt through managing the equipment
  • The pass/fail mark is 80% to acquire your certification

Booking your place

Each session is hosted on a Tuesday 3.40pm – 5.30pm except for the assessment which is held on Thursday 17 December.

To sign up for this course contact us here. Alternatively you can join by speaking with Steven Creamer, the lead teacher for Film & Media at Impington Village College.

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