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Elliott joined us for one of our full time courses back in 2014. After creating documentaries with us for his portfolio he was accepted into National Film and Television School, focusing on production management. He has since been freelancing for multiple production companies and the BBC in London. Recently, he has just started a full-time job as a Production Management Assistant on The One Show! Congrats Eliott!

“Can’t help but think how nervous I was at the start of Cambridge TV Training, you guys really helped me along and moved me from a solo creative to someone capable of researching and managing productions. So thanks again :)”


Lawson also joined us back in 2014 for one of our full time courses. Afterwards he worked for a production company in Australia filming events and worked as a freelance videographer. Now he's founded his own company, Enrich Films, creating promotional campaigns for businesses and charities.


Ellie was on our summer school course in 2016. She was involved in the creation of 21 videos within a six week period (our record best), spanning from short videos for online broadcast to longer form TV documentaries. She is now at university studying Politics!


Bridget first joined us in 2015. After her Saturday course, she stayed with us volunteering on shoots and became a freelancer focusing in audio. She was accepted on a course at the National Film and Television School, growing her career as a solid go-to audio specialist. We now use her as a tutor on our courses teaching practical audio workshops!


Anton joined us in 2017 after starring in an adventure reality TV series on Channel 4 called Eden. After being on our One-term course, he has become a freelance videographer working on a number of projects, has started a Masters course at University and has recently won a film competition, The Reel Challenge for adventure/ travel filmmakers.


Ibrahim joined the Saturday course in 2016. He has since co-founded a company (Cambridge Rise) and has became a freelance journalist/ filmmaker/ blogger with clients such as ITV Anglia, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Huffington Post, etc. We are very fortunate to be working with him on a number of projects since he finished his course.

Luis & Liam

Luis & Liam both attended two of our One-term courses in 2017/2018 and have created some amazing content together. They managed to secure freelance work locally whilst on their second term and have since been working as freelancers on various projects in Cambridge and London. Luis has since moved back to Spain and Liam keeps popping into our office for freelance editing work he's secured.


Farah was in our Summer School with Ellie in 2016. She traveled from Malaysia to join our course and has since moved back! She has since been working for many different companies in the media industry in Malaysia. Currently she's assisting one of our tutors on Asia's got Talent as a control room runner.


Greg joined our Saturday course in 2016 whilst studying at the University of Cambridge. Afterwards, he moved to London, working for production companies such as Ground Control films and BOLD.

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