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Cambridge TV Training is hosting this practical training webinar for people who want to learn how to operate their camera from home.

Even though it’s a webinar, we are trying to keep this as practical as possible using video capture and demonstrating how to use the equipment live whilst you are doing it yourselves. We host these webinars via video call on Zoom so participants can see us, hear us and take part by using their webcams, audio only or text.

This workshop is split into two parts:

Part A (2 hour webinar) will cover:

  • Camera operating checklists
  • How basic camera functions work for video
  • How transfers your skills to other cameras
  • Framing
  • Camera techniques and rules

Part B (2 hour seminar)

  • Participants can submit shots they’ve taken since the last session to discuss feedback – what worked and what went wrong
  • Depth of field
  • More framing techniques
  • Practice

The sessions are hosted by Bob Coates (a video specialist with a background in education and business) and Rick Pinder (video editor at Cambridge TV).

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