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1-to-1 Sessions

Making videos at home or for your organisation but want to improve the quality of your output?

Cambridge TV Training now offers bespoke 1-to-1 sessions that are specifically designed to learn whatever aspect of video production you need.

The sessions vary in length and due to their popularity, clients usually book more than one session to cover a range of topics to increase the overall quality of their own projects.

Previous clients of our 1-to-1 sessions came to us for help with growing their small businesses, setting up videos for online courses, creating short films, increase the quality of their YouTube channel, etc.

We can usually cover any 2 of these skills within the half day:

  • Basic camera training on your own equipment
  • Sound recording
  • Lighting
  • Creating intro sequences
  • How to make your video look more visually interesting with different types of footage
  • Timelapses

We can usually cover any 1 of these within the half day:

  • Help with editing your own project
  • Introduction to video editing (Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro)
  • Learning how to edit audio podcasts
  • Creating a video format for your social media content or YouTube series. This creates a sense of branding and consistency to your work whilst also making it a time efficient way to create content.
  • Creating editing templates for your video series
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